The history of Kappa Sigma at New Mexico State University starts when three brothers were sent from International Memorial Headquarters to recruit fine gentlemen to establish the well-respected traditions of Kappa Sigma at our fine campus in the spring of Nineteen Hundred and Ninety Nine.

Anthony Epp, Gil Vander Voort, and E.J. Roach were the three brothers sent by IMH. They were successful In recruiting twenty-three fine gentlemen that met the standards of fine Kappa Sigma brothers.

As soon as the colony was established, executive chairs were elected to lead Nu-Epsilon to charter status. The Founding Executive Committee members included:

  • Grand Master: Shawn Taylor of Clovis, New Mexico,
  • Grand Procurator: Phillippe Muller of Tyler, Texas,
  • Grand Master of Ceremonies: Anthony Lechuga Jr. of El Paso, Texas
  • Grand Scribe: W. Edward Vasquez Jr. of Rio Rancho, NM,
  • Grand Treasurer: Kenneth Norris of Hobbs, New Mexico.

To this day, the Kappa Sigma members of the Nu-Epsilon chapter strive to achieve a common goal: become the superior fraternity on campus. A goal that is not far fetched nor far from reach. The members of Nu-Epsilon are proud to call themselves members of the finest and most prestigious fraternity, period.

We proudly list the Founding Members of the Nu-Epsilon colony:

  • Clayton Albright - IFC Representative
  • John Apodaca - Fundraising Chair
  • Brian Archibeque - Brotherhood Development Chair
  • Matt Atencio
  • Mike Brodbeck
  • Stephen Chavez - Community Service Chair
  • Jason Cole - Rush Coordinator
  • Steve Duran Fernando Escobar
  • Jeff Gray - Intramural Chair
  • Chuck Hutchins
  • Richard Kilgore
  • Brendan King - Greek Week Co-chair
  • Anthony Lechuga - Grand Master of Ceremonies
  • Phillippe Muller - Grand Procurator
  • Kenneth Norris - Grand Treasurer
  • Patrick Padilla - Greek Week Co-chair
  • Thomas Shinnick
  • Allan Taylor
  • Paul Taylor - Social Chair
  • Shawn Taylor - Grand Master
  • Robert Torrison - Scholarship Chair
  • Eddie Vasquez Jr.- Grand Scribe